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Web vs. Server Destinations
elbwalker supports two main ways to send event data to external tools.
Once elbwalker receives event data from one of the sources it routes this data to the activated destinations.
You can choose between two different ways to send data:


We currently support the following Web Destinations:
  • Google Tag Manager
Web destinations are free to send events to. Events will be send directly from the visitors browser (client) to the destination. No event data will be sent to or stored by elbwalker. The web mode is the classic way you would set up tracking. You could also call it the "old" way of tracking, but it's still a reasonable method for a lot of cases, e.g. retargeting.


We currently support the following Server Destinations:
  • Google BigQuery
We are charging for server destinations depending on the event volume that you send through our Event Pipeline. Data will be enriched and then sent to external services. This is the new way of tracking, because you'll keep the full control over what data is passed on to external tools. You also get a ton of new possibilities.
Choose server destinations when:
  • You want to send the raw data to your data warehouse
  • You want to anonymize and/or enrich user information before you send it to external tools
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