elbwalker documentation
Learn how to use elbwalker to easily capture, transform, and send event data fast, vendor-agnostic, and in a privacy-friendly way.
Hi and welcome to our documentation! Here you can find best practice examples and guides on how to use elbwalker. If you don't know us yet, you can check out www.elbwalker.com, our GitHub, or book a schedule a call with us to see if and how we can help you with your analytics implementation.

What is elbwalker?

elbwalker is a data platform with two main product components: an open-source analytics library & a privacy-focused event data collection platform.

Who is elbwalker for?

elbwalker is made for developers, or analytics engineers who want to implement analytics on a website quickly and reliably.

Platform Components

Vendor-agnostic analytics library

The walker.js makes it easy to capture front-end events including context without writing tracking code just by setting HTML attributes.
Walker.js is open-source, you can check out the library on GitHub:
GitHub - elbwalker/walker.js: An open-source analytics library to measure user events the hassle-free way.
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Real-time event streaming

We stream the data you captured through walker.js directly to your own Google BigQuery instance in real-time. Our event pipeline is our paid product. Please contact us, if you're interested in using it.


  • Cookieless tracking: yes ✅
  • Server-Location: EU, Vendor: AWS
  • Company Location: Hamburg, Germany

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