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elbwalker documentation
Learn how to use elbwalker to easily capture, transform, and send event data in a privacy-friendly way.
Hi and welcome to our documentation! Here you can find best practice examples and guides on how to use elbwalker. If you don't know us yet, you can check out www.elbwalker.com, our GitHub, or book a free product tour to see if and how we can help you with your analytics implementation.

What is elbwalker?

elbwalker is a privacy-focused event data collection platform that makes it easy to capture and enrich events from your websites and server.
​Contact us to try our managed version, or check out our open-source event autotracker:
GitHub - elbwalker/walker.js: An open-source analytics library to measure user events the hassle-free way.
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Who is elbwalker for?

elbwalker is built for tracking specialists, engineers, and analytics professionals who want to have the full control over their data collection and benefit form the fastest implementation in the market.

Use Cases

Raw events in data warehouse

elbwalker offers a Google BigQuery destination to you store your raw event data.

Server-side tracking

You can use the elbwalker server ingest API to send data from server applications.

Front-end event tracking

The walker.js makes in easy to measure front-end events including context without leaving your HTML.


  • Cookieless tracking: yes
  • Server-Location: EU, Vendor: AWS
  • Company Location: Hamburg, Germany

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