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An overview of how elbwalker destinations work and why you should use them

What is an elbwalker destination and why should I use it?

A destinations works like a connector to other great tools. It takes care of the right initialization, mapping and any further transformation as well as the transportation of events. Each destination handled by elbwalker is an enormous time saver since you have finished most of the work just by tagging your website by using walker.js or our server-side API.
High-level concept of how destinations via elbwalker work
Please make sure you're using a Consent Management Platform to manage your users' consent for your analytics and marketing tools. elbwalker does NOT handle the consent management for 3rd parties for you. It only reduces the massive setup effort that comes with having a lot of tools implemented on a site.
Your desired destination is not available yet? Reach out to us and let's see what we can do: [email protected] πŸ€“
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