How do I analyze my Google Ads campaigns with elbwalker?
If you're an active user you probably might have noticed that Google doesn't show up in the Top Sources widget in our default dashboard. That's because at the moment we only visualize UTM sources, mediums and campaigns in the dashboard. Only traffic sources that you manually set up UTM parameters for are shown in the dashboard.
Google Ads campaigns are usually tracked by using a specific click ID (GCLID). And we do collect the GCLID by default. So even though you can't see the traffic from paid Google campaigns in our dashboard, you always get access to the raw data to analyze your campaign performance. You will only need very basic SQL skills to query this data and we offer you some recipes to get familiar to our data model.
For more information about the raw data access please visit this page:
If you are interested in setting up your raw data access please contact us at [email protected] or schedule a time and we will walk you through the necessary configuration steps.
Last modified 2mo ago
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