Add elbwalker to your site
Adding your unique tracking code to the site(s) you want to track with elbwalker is very similar to the implementation of a Google Analytics tracking code or a Facebook pixel

Get your Project ID

Once you signed up and created a project, you will get your unique project ID. Please remember to replace projectId if you're copying the code snippet thats provided down here in this documentation. ⬇️

Add the elbwalker script to your site

Insert the walker with just one line of code . You can place it in the HTML <head> with no performance issues.
<script async class="elbwalker" data-project="<Project-ID>" src=""></script>
The screenshot may show an older version of the snippet. Please always use the latest version provided in the app when setting up. 😊
You can also add the snippet using one of the following tools:
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