Create an event
A step-by-step guide on how to use the event screen
Once you created a project for your website, the next step you want to do is define what user interactions you want to measure on your site.
elbwalker already tracks some interactions automatically for you like e.g. a page view with the respective properties. We will further develop our Auto-Track feature in the future, so that you won't need any further implementation to measure clicks, impressions, submits, tabs etc. For more information or early access please contact us at [email protected].

View auto-tracked events immediately

Measured events, both auto and precision-tracked, will be listed in the events overview. If you open the toggle, the respective properties will also be visible.

Add an event from our recommendations

Add an event you want to measure on your site by selecting one (or all) of our recommendations.

Create your own custom event

You can also create your own custom event from scratch by clicking +Add event.
In the configuration modal you can add the entity, action and trigger rules for the respective event.
Your newly added custom events are marked with the tag precision by default and will have to get implemented on your site using our walker to be send to a destination. Alternatively you can contact us to auto track events for you. It will not be enough to just add it to the list.
More about our syntax:
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