Walker.js docs

Shopping Cart Page

What actions are typically being tracked on this page:
  • Checkout start
  • Product impression
  • Product remove
  • Voucher add
What properties are typically being tracked on this page:
  • Products
    • name
    • id (also known as SKU)
    • Category
    • Price
    • Quantity
  • Total
A typical walker implementation of a shopping cart page could look like this:
<!-- Shopping Cart Page -->
<div data-elb="checkout" data-elbaction="load:start" data-elb-checkout="step:overview;total:87">
Once a page is loaded by a user all property values from the element as well as all child elements of the entity-container and their parents will be collected. In the background a dataLayer push will be generated with the following structure:
elbLayer.push('checkout start', { step: 'overview', total: 87 }, 'load');