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What actions are typically being tracked on this page:
  • Page view (is being tracked by default, no extra tagging necessary, see properties)
  • File impression
  • File download
What properties are typically being tracked on this page:
  • file name
  • file id
A typical walker implementation for a file impression & download could look like this.
<!-- All pages -->
<div class="container" data-elb="file" data-elbaction="visible:impression">
<div class="image"></div>
<p class="name" data-elb-file="name:Case Study">Case Study</p>
<p class="description">...</p>
<button data-elbaction="click:download">Download</button>
Once a page is loaded by a user all property values from the element as well as all child elements of the entity-container and their parents will be collected. In the background a dataLayer push will be generated with the following structure:
elbLayer.push('file impression', { name: 'Case Study' }, 'visible');
elbLayer.push('file download', { name: 'Case Study' }, 'click');